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Owning at The Lookout

Do you imagine your weekends spent at a lakefront vacation home? Or think about joining the close-knit community of Chelan full time?

Whatever your dream may be, The Lookout at Lake Chelan offers you the chance to own your perfect home and be part of a unique and special neighborhood experience.

Why own at The Lookout?

The Lookout at ChelanAt The Lookout, time with friends and family is cherished. Days feel long and easy, filled with outdoor activities or just a relaxing afternoon on the front porch. The stress of a fast-paced city lifestyle is washed away by the abundant sunshine of the Chelan Valley.

This is the kind of place where neighbors wave hello and kids ride bikes in the street. Families barbeque dinner together or share boat rides on the lake. Sound too good to be true? It isn't.

Thoughtful neighborhood design is at the heart of The Lookout, with a focus on walkability, shared spaces, and a connection with neighbors. Charming architecture and landscaping are purposefully natural against the sweeping backdrop of the Chelan Valley.

You'll find luxurious amenities, like 700 feet of waterfront and a private marina. Plus, you're just a mile from downtown Chelan, and close to all of the year-round outdoor activities the area has to offer.

The Cottage Rental Program

To make owning a home at The Lookout even easier and more lucrative, our Cottage Rental program is in place to provide rental income. When you're not using your home, our hospitality team cares for it and fully manages the rental process. Now in its fifth year, this program is popular among our owners. You can read their stories here.   

Homes for Sale

Take time to explore the variety of homes and homesites available at The Lookout. We build neighborhoods block by block with each home placed in a location that speaks to its design as well as its interaction with surrounding homes.

Let us know what catches your eye, we'd love to help you find the home of your dreams at The Lookout.


Stories from The Lookout

"We have always been a Chelan family but now we are a Chelan Lookout family. The Lookout makes it possible for all four generations to come and enjoy the Chelan area in comfort."  - Sue

"What a fabulous community! The location is beautiful and the staff is so welcoming. Our vacation home was perfect for our large family. We may have to make this trip an annual tradition." - Amber

"This is heaven on earth for our family. Thank you." - Valerie Monaco

"This is the most amazing place on Lake Chelan to make memories. The beauty, abundant activities, sense of family and community, waterfront, close proximity to downtown Chelan and wonderful accommodations makes this a must for our vacation. We will be vacationing there every year. Very well-planned community."- Lynn Homme Reid


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