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The Jones Family - Lake Chelan

Dan & Laurie Jones, Sammamish, WA

Laurie and I had talked for several years about owning a vacation home. A place where even the shortest getaways would feel like a long break from the regular day-to-day experience. A place where our kids could build new friendships and lasting family experiences that truly stood out as unique in the fabric of their memories of growing up. A place where we could some day potentially retire and enjoy recreation, beauty, community, and a lifestyle of simple values and outdoor activities that promote healthy, balanced and enjoyable life.

We felt we could debate a decision as to where we could realize our dreams forever and never act. Should we get a place near a lake, at the beach, in the mountains? Could we really afford it? Would we vacation elsewhere or would we feel obligated to always go to our vacation home? Ultimately we chose to act and begin living our future verses dreaming about it and we chose the Lookout.

In large part, we chose the Lookout due to the beauty of Chelan and the opportunity to be a part of a community that had a differentiated vision focused on creating a community versus just a place to go and not engage with neighbors and guests to the neighborhood. We love coming to Chelan in all of the seasons, not just the summer. Our kids are building new friendships, are having new experiences they cannot have in Seattle and they always look forward to our next trip to the Lookout. They now have "Lookout friends" in their network as well as ours is expanding.

We are involved in the cottage rental program and have found it to be more lucrative than we anticipated. We enjoy our home as much as we possibly can, roughly 2.5 to 3 months per year on average. On top of that we are more than covering our annual mortgage payment and expenses with our net income from the cottage rental opportunity. We enjoy the opportunity to share our home at the Lookout with guests from all over in hopes we will inspire others to make the Lookout a perennial vacation destination or possibly become owners some day.

I'll summarize by saying that investing in our home at the Lookout has been one of the very best life decisions and financial decisions our family has ever made. We hope our story helps others who are contemplating the decision to invest in a future at the Lookout and we are happy to speak with anyone regarding our experience.

Dan and Laurie Jones and Family

The Mott Family - Lake Chelan

Michael & Laurie Mott

Our love story with Chelan started from the first Thanksgiving holiday we spent together with our great friends, the Mehtas, in Chelan - cooking, eating, drinking, walking, bowling and laughing in a house that we rented together. In 2014, we were invited to visit the Lookout over Labor Day weekend by our friends the Schroths. After a wonderful weekend of bike rides, barbeques, pickleball and morning dips in the lake, we started considering the idea of spending magical summers in Chelan with our friends. Something about the Lookout just felt right; the people, the plan and the magnificent views from lot 183. After returning back and sharing our experience with the Mehta's, we went up together to visit and they were ALL "in". It became clear that the Lookout would be a place where our two families could always visit for Thanksgiving, and also make new memories all year round. We now love sharing our place with other families that are having the same wonderful experiences, as we had many a Thanksgivings ago, when we first started coming to Chelan.

Lashbaugh & McCann Families

Our families have loved the Chelan area for many years. We bought property in Manson about 8 years ago with the intent of putting something on it, but the timing and the feeling of the community never felt right when we would take our trailer and stay on it. When we started to notice the Lookout and research and watch it, we fell in love with the concept/design and feel from what we saw online. After many email exchanges and phone discussions with Laura over about a year's time, we finally made it to the Lookout for a weekend of looking around. We wanted a home that was big enough for our family, but also liked the idea of being able to offset the costs with the cottage rentals program, which ultimately allowed us to build a bigger home than we probably would have. We have been in the program for about a year now, and it's a great way to share your home with others and offset costs. The goal for our vacation home was a place not more than four hours drive from our permanent homes and where we, our kids and grandkids would have a great place to go, meet new friends and have amenities to enjoy. We have found this at the Lookout. The staff are great at organizing events most weekends, so there is always something to do, from summer outdoor movies, kids crafts, coffee and pastries on Sunday mornings, to s'mores by the fire any night of the week. It's a great feeling to know that your kids can say they are going for a bike ride and off they go, and we don't have to be with them at all times to know they are safe around the Lookout.

Welcome to the Lookout, it's a great place to be!

Sincerely, the Lashbaugh & McCann Families


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