Oct. 10, 2018

Your Holiday Home Away from Home

blog image The things you need to host a Thanksgiving dinner:  a good attitude and a bottle of wine.

The things you really need:  a roomy kitchen, a table for gathering, spaces for playing and watching games...and several bottles of wine!

Keeping up with your holiday traditions away from home may seem like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be! Think of The Lookout as a place to make your own traditions. That could mean hosting a multi-generational meal with grandparents and kids, having a Friendsgiving dinner with both old friends and new, hosting football and food party, or whatever you love most.

Lookout vacation homes are meant to be gathering spaces. Owners take care to choose a home plan and amenities with comfort in mind for their own family--but also knowing they can share it with others. This means that when you rent a Lookout cottage, you'll be hanging out in a space built for comfort and ease. After all, these homes are designed for vacation, and that means stress-free and fun.

Here are a few ways Lookout homes are set up for holiday hosting:

Gather around the counter
Lookout cottages have kitchens perfect for that all-hands-on deck, is-the-turkey-done-yet controlled chaos. With large center islands or peninsulas, many with bar seating, you'll have the right counter space, gadgets and amenities, and (maybe the best part), it will be spotlessly clean when you arrive.

Gather around the table
Many homes have open floor plans that are great for large groups to mingle, and space for full dining tables when it's time to sit down and eat. Place settings and table decor dress up the space--and that means you don't have to bring a thing.

Gather around the games
Some Lookout cottage rentals also have game rooms: from outdoor covered ping pong overlooking the lake, to air hockey in the media room, to dining tables converted into board game empires. Perfect for rainy days or when you're ready for some friendly competition.

Gather around the TV

Speaking of competition, we can't ignore the Thanksgiving tradition of couch-sitting. Plush sofas you can fall asleep on, plenty of extra seating, and big screen TVs make comfy areas to watch all the big games throughout the weekend.

I hope you join us this year! Tell us in the comments what Thanksgiving traditions you'll be bringing to the lake!

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