Feb. 7, 2018

Top 9 Reasons to Buy - Hear from Owners & Staff

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9)  It's the only place in Washington that combines a lake, a National Forest, and wine country.

"Lake Chelan is truly amazing in all four seasons. The lake, hills, and mountains make it an outdoor lover's paradise, plus it's an award-winning wine destination. It's a small town, but has a growing restaurant, craft beer, cider, and art scenes. I love living here."  John Gasper, General Manager

8)  Waterfront location AND new construction - a rarity in Chelan.

"As a Chelan native, I know the real estate market well, and The Lookout is truly unique. The location - hilltop, waterfront, and proximity to town - plus the variety of choices make this neighborhood one of the best deals in the area. You don't have to settle for a fixer-upper or something that doesn't quite work for your family. Instead you can choose the floor plan, location, and price point that works for you, and create your dream home."  Hailey Ellsworth, Sales Manager

7)  The perfect location, so easy to get into town!

"The new mulit-use trail into downtown Chelan is awesome. There is nowhere else in the area to get waterfront access, plus the ability to walk or bike into town for dinner or shopping. It's an easy, safe mile - even kid friendly!"  Servando Robledo, Director of Resort Operations

6)  A private marina is a boat owners dream come true!

"Exploring the beautiful lake by boat is one of my favorite things to do, so the private 70-slip marina is a huge perk! It doesn't get much better than walking 5 minutes from your doorstep to the dock.  And there's so much more at The Lookout waterfront: boat and jet ski rentals, a swimming pier, a protected swimming cove, even an area for dogs."  Dennis Kaill, Homeowner

5)  You can be part of a close-knit community

"In large part, we chose The Lookout [because of the] differentiated vision focused on creating a community versus just a place to go and not engage with neighbors and guests to the neighborhood. Our kids are building new friendships, are having new experiences they cannot have in Seattle and they always look forward to our next trip to The Lookout. They now have "Lookout friends" in their network as well as ours is expanding."  Dan & Laurie Jones, Homeowners

4)  You can share your home - and earn income doing it!

"We wanted a home that was big enough for our family, but also liked the idea of being able to offset the costs with the Cottage Rental program, which ultimately allowed us to build a bigger home than we probably would have. We have been in the program for about a year now, and it's a great way to share your home and offset costs."  The McCann Family, Homeowners

3)  It's a playground for our kids, and for us!

"Our kids can spend the whole day at The Lookout - running from the park to the sandy beach cove to the pool, and back again. For adults, it's just as fun - pickleball, trails, bocce courts, outdoor kitchens, hot's heaven!  Andrea Vann, Homeowner

2)  You can try before you buy!

"With over 45 homes in our Cottage Rental program, you can experience the neighborhood before you make a purchase decision. Check out different floor plans and locations, while treating yourself to a vacation and enjoying our resort-like amenities. We'd love to have you!" Laura Harris, Director of Sales

1)  It's an investment in our family's future

"As a homeowner and an employee, I understand the value of this community in a special way. After four years, I am so grateful that we have our vacation home - we come here from Seattle every chance we get, creating new holiday traditions, bringing friends along, and spending quality time with our kids. We love feeling invested in the Chelan community, and in the future of The Lookout. My husband and I look forward to passing this experience down to our children someday."  Sidney Blank, Homeowner and Marketing Manager 
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