Mar. 23, 2018

6 of the Best Lake Chelan Hiking Trails

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There are many reasons to visit Lake Chelan. The beach and the beauty. The sand and the sun. The lakeside living and lounging. But as things begin to warm up, a big appeal of Lake Chelan is the area’s hiking trails.

If you’re looking to get some exercise while taking in breathtaking scenery along the way, or simply want to enjoy fun for the whole family, we recommend checking out the local area hiking trails.

But with so many to choose from, where do you start? That’s why we’re here. Get ready to hit the beaten path…we’re going to take you on a tour of six of our top Lake Chelan hiking trails.

1. If you want to hit the trails with a group of friends or family, and you’re looking for a trail that’s suitable for everybody, check out the Echo Ridge Summer Trails. This trail spans 26 miles and has a variety of options from kid-friendly to high difficulty. You can choose to traverse one of the easier trails for an enjoyable walk with great lake views, or attempt one of the more difficult single track trails if you’re looking for more of a challenge. In addition to its versatility, you can hit these trails year-round. They’re great for Nordic skiing or snowshoeing in the winter and perfect for mountain biking or hiking in the spring, summer, and fall. A perfect option for hikers of all ages and experience levels!

2. If you’re taking a trip to Lake Chelan State Park, be sure to allow some time to hike the Little Bear Trail. The park sits on 127 acres and features 6,000 feet of waterfront property. At just over two miles in length, the Little Bear Trail will take you through the forest that overlooks the lake. With wildflowers and meadows, this kid-friendly trail will make you feel like you’re walking through an enchanted forest right out of a storybook fairy tale. Definitely fun for the whole family!

3. Perhaps you’re looking to break into a sweat and challenge yourself a bit. In that case, we recommend hitting the Pot Peak Trail. Not suitable for children, this nearly ten-mile long trail is for experienced hikers who are looking for a real workout. The steep climb will likely make you feel the burn, but the end result will be well worth it. Just make sure you bring plenty of water and a hiking stick along with you.

4. Looking for something that will offer a bit of a challenge, but perhaps isn’t quite so strenuous? Lake Chelan offers many trails of moderate level difficulty. The Stormy Mountain Trail is a family-friendly hike offering great views. You’ll take a scenic drive before embarking on this 1.5 mile hike. While a fairly short hike, you’ll still get in a quick workout due to the trail’s elevation. And the short workout will pay dividends in return. Once you reach the mountain top, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views.

5. If you’re looking for a relaxing hike with scenic nature views, check out the trails in the Beebe Springs Wildlife Area. Just two miles in length, these wildlife area trails offer plenty of sightseeing opportunity. You’ll pass several eye-catching steel sculptures on your journey. Nestled amid a wildlife sanctuary, the trails also provide prime bird-watching. Sightings may include eagles, songbirds, and waterfowl. You’re also likely to spot deer, beaver, bighorn sheep, and otters. Located near a hatchery, it’s also common to see salmon and steelhead in the waters. This is the perfect hike for someone who’s looking to spot many types of wildlife along the way.

6. Want to explore the downtown Chelan area? Why not consider taking a hike on the Chelan River Trail? You can explore downtown Lake Chelan while taking a scenic route overlooking the Chelan Dam and Chelan River. This three-mile trail begins with the Riverwalk Park Loop Trail. The first half-mile provides a leisurely walk or jogging opportunity. There are benches along the way that also provide the perfect bird watching opportunity. You’ll have panoramic views of the dam, which you can learn more about along the way. Signs provide information about the Chelan Dam, which provides hydropower for 30,000 Northwest homes.

Continue along to Reach 1 of the Chelan River. You’ll encounter more signs where you can learn about the area’s plant and wildlife, geology, and Native American history. This trail enables you to immerse yourself in the scenic surroundings. You’ll also be able to explore downtown Lake Chelan and learn more about this area that we all love. Along the way, look out for deer, sheep, goats, and other wildlife known to roam in the region.

Lake Chelan has many great hiking trails. These are simply a few of our favorites. We invite you to explore the area for yourself and decide which ones you enjoy best. Regardless of your skill and experience level, there’s a Lake Chelan hiking trail that’s just right for you.

But remember to be adequately prepared for your day hike. Lake Chelan has a hot, dry climate in the summertime so be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks with you. It’s also a good idea to carry a first-aid kit and a fully-charged cell phone as well.

If you need a place to stay in-between your hiking adventures, we invite you to stay here at The Lookout at Lake Chelan. After spending the day hiking, we know you’ll want to rest easy in a place of comfort. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to lounge at our beach cove or unwind in one of our hot tubs. We offer a taste of luxury lakeside living at its finest.  But don’t take our word for it…plan a visit and come see for yourself!

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