Apr. 30, 2018

5 Tips to Stay Safe Near Water

blog image No one loves the rain like a Pacific Northwest resident. Unlike other states where people cancel plans and don’t want to leave the house, we don’t let rain affect our day. We accept the rain as part of life as we know that this is why we can appreciate the green all year long. 

And while we do love each of our seasons, something magical happens when the sun starts to show itself on a daily basis. Like the flowers, we come to life. We’re reinvigorated and ready to take on the day. 

We look forward to summer again and can’t wait to spend days by the lake, lying by the pool, or hopping slide to slide at the Lake Chelan water park. 

Just like the sun, a day on the water brightens our spirits—even just the thought. We can’t wait to gather our friends and family for a fun-filled summer day. 

But, in all of the excitement, it’s easy to skip essential steps that will keep us safe. Here are six tips to stay safe near the water this summer: 

1. Wear Sunscreen 

You may remember the commencement speech turned song in 1997 titled, “Wear Sunscreen”. In it, Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune exclaimed, “If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.” 

We’re here to say the same. 

Sunscreen will not only ward off sunspots, preserve your beautiful skin, and prevent skin cancer, it’ll also allow you to enjoy the sun day after day. 

Anyone who’s suffered from a sunburn knows that the heat radiating off your body, the goopy aloe you must apply to the affected area, and your skin shedding like a snake’s is not an enviable experience. 

So, skip this painful event and put on sunscreen no matter if your 5, 15, or 55. 

Respect their skills and make sure to stay where they can keep you safe.

2. Pay Attention to Posted Signs 

Even if there is a pool or section of the lake that you’ve swam in year-after-year, if there is a sign that indicates this area is off limits, heed the warning. 

A pool may be too chlorinated or maybe someone else didn’t pay attention to the rules and there is glass you don’t see. 

A lake may have a quick drop off near the shore, causing problems for those who think they are just safely sticking their feet in or maybe the sign is protecting a native animal habitat. 

The Chelan water park has height or weight requirements on certain slides. 

Just because it looks safe, doesn’t mean the water is safe. So heed posted warnings. 

3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

You don’t always plan to hop in the water, but on a hot day, it can be hard to resist. For this reason, it’s recommended you keep swimsuits and sunscreen in your car just in case. 

In addition to not wanting to add foreign dirt and germs into the water, our clothes are much heavier when wet. This makes it more difficult to swim, even if you’re an all-star in the water. 

While we know the cool, crystal-blue water and our Lake Chelan water park are hard to resist, it’s best to wait until you’re wearing water-appropriate gear. 

4. Stay Hydrated

When you’re splashing around the cool water it’s easy to forget or not even recognize that you’re thirsty, but it’s important to stay hydrated. 

Parents, make sure your kids are taking breaks while slide hopping. Adults, don’t forget to switch out your ice-cold beer or alcoholic slushy for a glass of water. 

We want everyone to have fun and stay safe this summer, but accidents happen and too many are preventable. Don’t forget to use discretion and drink more water. 

5. Parents, Remain Vigilant 

It’s just a fact that every year in the U.S. children drown. Sometimes it’s on the lake; even more often it’s in the backyard pool. While it’s easy for accidents to happen, if we remain vigilant they are less likely to occur. 

Don’t rely on lifeguards to watch the kids. Make sure you’re checking on them too. 

Just like the kids have a buddy system, if you’re with multiple adults, have a buddy system for you too so you know at least four eyes are on kid-duty and that you stay safe with or without kids by your side. 

We know parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world so take advantage of your support team and take a break. Just like lifeguards need a break, so do you. You can’t sit in the hot sun all day and keep focus the whole time. Alternate kid-duty with another adult or have the kids take a break so you can too. 

Summers in Lake Chelan are some of the best around! And at The Lookout, it’s a family community where you get to know your neighbors no matter how long you stay. 

Everyone is there to spend quality time basking in the warmth of the sun and everyone is focused on keeping safety a top priority, especially around the water. 

We know you’ll have a wonderful time making memories that last a lifetime. But don’t forget to follow these water safety rules to ensure it’s a great time for everyone.
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