Sep. 25, 2018

5 Reasons to Try Your Luck at Geocaching Around Lake Chelan

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For this year’s family reunion, why not do something that will make everyone happy? Beautiful Washington state is the ultimate getaway location and at The Lookout in Lake Chelan, Washington, our goal is to help our guests have a relaxing and adventure-filled vacation. 

For those of you who have never been to the Pacific Northwest, there are so many things to do if you’re here for a day trip, week-long vacation, or even a big blow-out with all of your family. From hiking, local dining, beautiful vineyards, and of course, water sports and golf, there are so many ways to make your vacation jam-packed full of fun. One of our most sought-after activities is geocaching. A new trend that has really taken off.

Spend the day outdoors with your family or break your group into teams as you hunt for hidden treasure in the scenic terrain of the Washington mountainside. Explore historic downtown streets and back alleys or search through one of the many riverside paths and the treasure just might be yours for the taking.

What is Geocaching?

What in the world is geocaching? You might be wondering. Well, let us explain one of the most popular growing trends across the U.S.

Geocaching is a real-world, treasure hunt that takes place in the great outdoors. Players use GPS-enabled devices (like a smartphone) to find a set of coordinates and then trek through hidden pathways or out-of-the-ordinary locations to track a “geocache” (or container) hidden at the coordinates’ location. 

Inside the geocache, there are all sorts of surprises for the treasure hunter. Sometimes there are treats, secret messages, and usually, there is a log where messages from past geocachers will give you insight into the history of that location.

Just remember that if you take a prize from the geocache, it’s important for you to leave something in its place. That way the fun keeps on going for the next adventure seeker.

Why Geocache at Lake Chelan?

There are so many reasons why a Lake Chelan family reunion is the best choice for your next vacation. But when it comes to a geocaching adventure the fun will surely never stop. Lake Chelan is a beautiful 50-mile-long lake nestled at the base of the North Cascades mountain range. And the surrounding area has plenty of pathways and secret trails that will make geocaching a real challenge. Here are five of the best reasons why geocaching at Lake Chelan should be on your family reunion bucket list.

1. Fun For the Whole Family 

Lake Chelan is known for its beautiful vineyards and fine dining, but let’s face it, not everyone at your next family reunion will be of legal drinking age. If you’re looking for a way to come together as a family, across all age groups, and with a competitive edge, why not break into groups and see who can find the most geocaches before the day ends?

Pick teams and challenge each other to find geocaches in the more exotic locations. Think of it as an adventurous game of capture the flag, but with little-to-no running. Just don’t forget to leave each other notes in the log and shake hands at the end of the day. Remember, it’s only a game.

2. Beautiful Views

Many people come to Lake Chelan for the outstanding views and ability to lounge surrounded by nature. At your next Lake Chelan family reunion, a day of geocaching will be a delight as you take in the idyllic views and sounds of nature. Perfect for a family that values the outdoors and wants make nature a priority. Geocaching is a fun, safe, and inexpensive way to spend the day outside.

3. Amazing Hiking Trails

Though most geocaches are hidden out of sight, many can be located along or near the many hiking trails that run along Lake Chelan. If you’re looking to geocache, but want to mix it with more of a rugged terrain, your geocache GPS-enabled device can lead you through different paths with varying levels of difficulty. Get a workout in while you search or enjoy the path less traveled.

4. Many Geocaching Locations

If you use the geocaching app you’ll see hundreds of little green icons which represent geocache locations. Each icon on the app will tell you important information, including hints on where to find the geocache, difficulty in finding the geocache, the terrain, and even special messages from past geocachers. Lake Chelan is a geocache hotspot and you might even catch the bug to create a new geocache yourself. 

5. The Lake is Part of the Adventure

Sure, you could hunt around Lake Chelan to find your geocache treasure, but have you considered exploring the lake itself? Some geocaches are located on the waterfront and other areas only accessible by boat! Really make a day of your search and pick up a paddle; it might just be the most memorable part of your Lake Chelan family reunion. 

At The Lookout at Lake Chelan, we want to see your family come together to celebrate in a fun, peaceful, environment. The Lookout is a lakeside village located steps away from Lake Chelan. Here, the views are impeccable and whether you’re looking to own, or book a short-term rental, we have properties that fit every need. 

For a family reunion, may we suggest one of our vacation rentals? Our lakefront community welcomes people from all of the country and our vacation properties come highly regarded. We have plenty of room for the whole family and welcome the chance to prove to you that Lake Chelan, Washington is one of the most special places in the Northwest.

Give us a call today and we can walk you through the rental process. Our staff will be happy to help you plan your next vacation. 

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