Mar. 15, 2018

48-Hour Getaway: The Ultimate Couples Weekend in Lake Chelan

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Whether you’re getting to know your significant other better with some quality time away or looking to embark on an exciting, adventurous journey to recount to your friends, you’ll find a weekend away at Lake Chelan as the perfect opportunity to become closer and renew the romance.

And with the availability of a spacious Lake Chelan rental, leisure and romance are inevitable in this quiet, tranquil atmosphere, where you’ll find ample activities to bring you closer together.

Here are just a few examples of the activities in which you can partake together while enjoying your solitude.


Chelan Valley has gorgeous hiking trails. If you’re looking to finish your hike with a romantic picnic, we recommend the picturesque Stormy Mountain trail. This elevated trail spans about a mile and a half, so its ideal for a short, intense workout punctuated by a scenic, relaxing view at the top of the mountain.

For longer trails with more variation in difficulty levels, you might try the Echo Ridge Summer Trails, which extend 25 miles and intertwine with roads, making them perfect for hiking and mountain biking alike. Those who want to connect fully with nature and wildlife might consider a 4.4 mile trail located in the Beebe Springs Wildlife Area, a diverse 207 acre range with cliffs, wetland, and upland shrub steppe.

For nature lovers who don’t want to traverse far from home, there’s also the Riverwalk Park Loop trail, which is perfect for fishing and bird watching. If you want a little bit of everything, one of the most popular trails is the Devil’s Backbone, a 13-mile trail that gives hikers the option to be dropped off at the Stormy Mountain trailhead and hike back via the Devil’s Backbone trail.

Whichever trail you choose, hiking through nature is opportune for quiet conversation in a romantic setting, and will make returning to your Lake Chelan rental vacation home at the end of an arduous workout all the more enjoyable.

On the Lake

Lake Chelan, a 50.5-mile long lake of pristine magnificence, is unsurprisingly a haven for boat enthusiasts. It presents plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in boating or water sports.

It’s not difficult to enjoy the pristine waters of Lake Chelan when you can bring along your own boat, but it’s just as fun when you’re a novice as it’s simple to rent a watercraft (available mid-June through Labor Day) at this lakeside retreat.  

Boating is an ideal way to rekindle the romance as the two of you can escape to nowhere or head off to an area only accessible by water and have an adventure you’ll surely recount for years to come. Bring along a bottle of wine and some delicious snacks and you’ll be set for a fun time no matter where your boat may lead.

And don’t worry about anything. For maximum enjoyment, Lake Chelan provides a map that displays refueling locations, so you can always be on the go.

Swimming is also another common activity at Lake Chelan. The waters are meant to be explored so don’t be afraid to grab a snorkel and take a deep dive into the lake to see what hidden natural treasures lie beneath the surface of the lake come summer.


Skiing is a popular winter-time activity at Lake Chelan. The Echo Ridge Nordic Ski Area Trails is a 25-mile long stretch of land that would satisfy any skier at any level. It should be noted that the ski area trails have been professionally designed by the Echo Ridge Nordic Ski Club, so any visitor can rest assured this stretch of land is in good hands.

Since the ski area trails are designed for skiers of every level, they offer 13.3 kilometers for beginners, 15.2 kilometers for intermediate skiers, and 11.1 kilometers for the advanced skiers. The variety of pathways will satiate any cross-country urge and really tap into anyone’s adventurous spirit. This ski course even offers snowshoe paths and welcomes your furry friends in designated areas!

The Echo Valley, which is located near the Echo Ridge Nordic Ski Area, offers a downhill skiing option for people who want to escape the crowds. For a nominal fee of $10-$25/day ride to the top and you and your significant other can descend a hill with 2,500 feet of elevation. It has three rope tows and a Lake Chelan rental equipment area for people who do not have their own set. Check website for hours of operation as the resort is often closed during the week.

If you and your hunny are winter bunnies, then Lake Chelan is the getaway you’re sure to enjoy.


If bonding on the green is your thing, golf is an all-time weekend favorite at Lake Chelan as there are eight desired courses to choose from all just a short drive away.

Couples who want to enjoy a panoramic view of the scenery are highly encouraged to visit either the Lake Chelan Golf Course or the Bear Mountain Ranch course. The Bear Mountain Ranch course is considered a “favorite new course” by the Professional Golfers Association and has been ranked number ten in the Washington State Golf Week Magazine.

Lake Chelan is also fortunate enough to host the Gamble Sands within its vicinity as well, as this is another award-winning course, voted the best public golf course in Washington State in 2017.

One of the best features of this course is that it overlooks the Columbia River, which is a breathtaking sight for anyone who loves nature to behold. The course also maintains a careful balance among the sandy soil, the fescue grasses, firm surfaces, massive greens, and its wide fairways, all of which contribute the luscious Washington scenery. At a total combined yardage of 7,169, these two golf courses show the very best that Lake Chelan has to offer.

So whether you’re enthusiastic about any of these outdoor activities, or even if you prefer something more intimate like wine-tasting, outstanding restaurants, historic movie theatres, or gift shops, you’ll find ample charming ways to spend time with your loved ones at Lake Chelan.
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