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How many homes will be built at the Lookout?                   

Just under 300 homes in the total project.

When I buy a lot, do I need to build right away?

Yes. At the Lookout, we build community, not just streets and houses. We focus on a single street,
sell and build all the homes, then begin our next neighborhood. This creates a critical mass of homes, of people and voila, community! This approach also allows new home owners to enjoy a "construction-free" street within a shorter time frame.

How long is the build out?

The process of building your new home at the Lookout typically takes about one year from signing.

Who is your builder?

We are lucky to partner with Harkey Construction, Lake Chelan's premier home builder. With over twenty-five years experience in the valley, Dave Harkey and his crew can't be beat.  

What are the HOA dues and what do they cover? 

$300/month. HOA dues cover maintenance of front yards, street care, pool care, and green space maintenance.

How many pools are planned for the Lookout?

Current plans show four pools on the Lookout map.  The first pool on the hilltop is complete, with stunning lake and mountain views. Future plans include pools on the northeast side and near the waterfront. A fourth pool is imagined as an indoor facility located near the north entrance to the Lookout. 

Do you work with outside realtors?

Yes. We welcome outside realtors, but have sold direct to clients for years in the dual-agency role. Our prices are fixed on the home/lot packages so the presence or absence of a realtor doesn't affect final pricing.                                                                          

Is the Lookout dog-friendly?

Absolutely! We love our canine friends. And responsible owners. :)

What are the details of the Cottage Rental Program?

Our Cottage Rental Program began in 2014 and utilizes a strong online reservations system, call center and on-site hospitality, maintenance, and housekeeping team. We have an extensive marketing plan to increase awareness about homes in our Cottage Rental Program. We advertise through a wide variety of mediums including newspaper, magazine, trade shows, digital advertising, direct mail and email campaigns. Our Property Management fee is 37%. This program has been an incredible way for owners to realize investment income from their second home.

What levels of rental occupancy do you expect? 

Occupancy in the Chelan Valley has always been strong in the summer months and has now expanded into the shoulder and off seasons. The average number of nights rented for the rental program is 148 per year. We endeavor to grow our program and market reach each year.

Do you have a marina?

Yes. The Lookout Marina was completed in June of 2015. It has 70 berths that are available for rent to Lookout owners and Cottage Rental guests on a short and long term basis. Rental rates are $25/day, $150/week, or $975/year. Slip reservations can be made by calling (509) 682-1474.

Is there a boat launch on the property?

There is not a launch at the Lookout but there are two public boat launches located less than one mile from the Lookout.

Are there garages at the Lookout?

Yes. Most homesites accommodate garages.  Some home plans have attached garages.  Carriage houses are an option on select homesites. 

I'm ready to purchase. What are the steps?               

  1. We write up a Purchase and Sale Agreement and collectively sign.                                                        
  2. Buyers can pursue a construction loan path to purchase or elect to utilize internal financing available from the Lookout for a fee of 7.5% of the total purchase price.
  3. The purchaser enjoys a five day feasibility period after which an earnest money deposit is made.
  4. With a construction loan, Buyers will put down 10% and close on the homesite within 60 days, then finance their build, typically via a "one step" construction loan.
  5. With internal financing, Buyers will make a deposit of 30% of the total purchase price with a fee of 7.5%. Upon completion of the home, Buyers will bring the remaining total via cash or personal mortgage.

Do you have a preferred lender?

We welcome your personal lender. We have also worked with a number of great folks and can share these resources upon request.                               

What are taxes and utilities at the Lookout?

Property taxes are $10.30 per $1,000 of assessed value. So a $450,000 property will be taxed $4,635 yearly.

City water per month: $37.74
City sewer per month: $33.06
Garbage per month: $18.08
Electricity per month: $70-$100 Winter | $40-$80 Summer