Mar. 2, 2017

Springing Forward

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We're guessing we don't have to tell you WHY to celebrate the season change, but just in case you need a reminder: more hours of daylight, warmer weather, trees and flowers blooming, one season closer to the best season of all in Chelan. We can tell you HOW to celebrate. Starting with spring's birthday on March 20 and moving into what will hopefully be a warm and sunny April and May, here's how to get into the spirit:

Get Outside

Welcome spring on March 20 by getting outside in the fresh air. Bike to brunch. Go for a hike. Do a scavenger hunt with your kids to look for signs of spring in nature. Whatever way you embrace the day, snap a photo and tag #lookoutlakechelan so we can feature your mini celebration.

On April 1, you'll have even more outdoor options: the Lookout pool opens, and so do Chelan-area golf courses (all weather permitting, so get your good weather karma going now). Local hiking trails will be uncrowded but beautiful with lake views and wildflowers. And if you're really brave, you can test the waters at the Lookout's beach cove!

Get Seasonal

Local crops are one of the best parts of living and playing in the Chelan Valley. Spring brings blooming apple trees and growing vines. In late May, the downtown Chelan Farmers Market opens with the freshest local produce. In the wine world, two big events take place. Chelan Nouveau (April 22-30) features just-released white and rose wines. On May 20 and 21, don't miss spring barrel tasting, a unique experience of tasting straight from the source.

Our neighboring winery, Vin du Lac, starts its Saturday night music series in mid-May. Sip wine, enjoy their delicious food, and listen to local artists perform live. Or sit on the porch of your Lookout home enjoying the warmer evenings and music in the distance!

Easter Lookout at Lake Chelan

Get Social

A dog parade. A bowling tournament. An Easter egg hunt. Flag football games. An Earth Day fair. Want more? A fun run. Another parade. A 3-on-3 basketball competition. This list keeps going!

The many spring activities in Chelan Valley are focused on family fun. Be sure to check out the Manson Apple Blossom festival, a true small-town delight, and get involved with your neighbors during the Lookout events. (And in case you didn't already know, our events usually include delicious themed treats--and fun drinks for adults!)

We hope to see you in the coming weeks!

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